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Accu-Tax helps Canadian residents, business owners, Non-profit organizations and registered charities meet their accounting and tax needs. We've provided ongoing accounting solutions for Canadians since 2001.

Whether you need a trusted filer, representation with regulatory authorities or advice on accounting operations, Accu-Tax designs a solution that works.

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Personal Income Tax

Residents who primarily generate income from employment, investment portfolios, pension plans and/or social credit programs can ensure their tax bill is minimized. This includes:

  • Understanding your background and ensuring all reporting slips (T3s, T4s, T5s, RRSP, CPP, TFSA and others) are collected in a timely manner.
  • Compiling the underlying accounting records to be used for T1 Personal returns, including T1 Personal rental income schedules. Accu-Tax ensures clients report their rental income and other property schedules in line with their tax obligations.
  • Determining if proper personal, spousal, and family credits are effectively used. Assessing if other credits, such as GST benefit credit or student rental credits, are available for use given the client’s situation.
  • Liaising with the CRA regarding matters raised in NOAs and ReNOAs, and providing solutions to CRA requirements.




Owner-Managed & Small Business

Small business owners can rely on Accu-Tax to implement and manage an accounting function that satisfies all internal and tax filing needs, including:

  • Creating an information delivery schedule for clients regarding all business operations, property income, investment or capital dispositions, and foreign tax declarations.
  • Compiling the underlying accounting records to be used for T1 Personal self-employment or rental income schedules, and T2 corporation returns. Accu-Tax also advises on additional tax benefits your business may be eligible for.
  • Compiling and submitting quarterly GST/HST filings and determining liability for sales tax filings and registration.
  • Advising on liability for reporting capital, real or investment property, and related foreign declaration schedules.


Non-Profit Organizations & Registered Charities

Accu-Tax understands the requirements and opportunities prevailing on non-profit groups. With our help, non-profit organizations and registered charities can externalize the accounting and reporting functions. This includes: